Tuition, Rates and Discounts

Kidsview Academy Preschool & Daycare accepts state assistance for both New Hampshire and Vermont. 

We also offer flexibility in payment options for those that enroll more than one child and those that wish to pay in advance.
  Please contact us for additional rate information as it may change from time to time or for other payment arrangements.

Infants $245 weekly

1 year old $240 weekly

2 year old $225 weekly

Preschool (Children two years away from Kindergarten as of August) $210 weekly

Junior Kindergarten (Children one year away from Kindergarten as of August) $200 weekly

We do offer 4 days a week in any classroom for $200 weekly 


Tuition is due weekly on Tuesdays with
discounts available for prepayment of 13 weeks. 

  Contact us for additional details.