Parents Welcome

At Kidsview, we have an “open door” policy that encourages and welcomes family members to join our center’s learning activities at any time during business hours. This enables parents and family members to take an active part in their child’s education. It also allows them to leave the center feeling that their child is safe, secure, and in the best possible learning environment. We take a proactive approach in building a strong foundation of trust between the parents and the staff.  Our goal is to ensure that parents feel at ease when  leaving their child(ren) in the care of Kidsview Academy and its qualified staff.

Promoting Growth

Our focus at Kidsview Academy is to teach and promote children’s growth physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally to the best of their ability. Children enrolled in our center will participate in a well planned, diverse curriculum suited for educating infants, toddlers, preschool students, and school age children. We understand that all age groups learn at different rates that encourage developmental growth.  Kidsview has specifically designed each classroom with the necessary equipment that is developmentally age appropriate and will encourage optimal growth.

Infant & Toddler Program

We will provide every infant, with a warm, secure environment, and plenty of attention from caring teachers. Every infant will have their own personalized schedule to encourage them to learn, develop, and grow in their own unique way. We will work with each family to construct a schedule that will work both at home and at the center to create continuity and allow children to more easily adjust. As your infant begins to sit-up, crawl, and walk they will be surrounded by colorful equipment, music, and toys to engage their senses and stimulate their physical and mental development.  As your baby grows to be a busy toddler, there is plenty to see, do and explore at Kidsview Academy. 

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 What Parents Think  

· What is your feeling about Kidsview?

             “We’re really excited that  Kidsview is  here and trust our   child in their care 100%”


· Are there any specific  areas where Kidsview is making a difference?

“We already notice a difference  in the conversations we have with our kids.”


· Does Kidsview offer convenient childcare services?

“Thanks for being flexible and the convenient hours.”


· How would you describe the center and the staff?

“What a great learning environment!”


Preschool & Junior Kindergarten

We fuse a play based philosophy with a more traditional, academic focused curriculum, letting children learn though play and traditional instruction. We have a preschool program for children who are 2 years away from school starting in August and then a Junior Kindergarten for children who have .
The Preschool Classroom is full of busy younger preschoolers eager to learn. These 3 - 4 year olds learn, explore and play in a sensory rich environment designed to ensure their academic success.

As they grow into older preschoolers, children transition to the Jr Kindergarten classroom. Ranging from 4 - 5 years old, these high flyers are busy all day! From phonics to math, they focus on getting ready for Kindergarten. 


School Age Programs 

We also offer vacation camps for all school vacations including summer break and snow days.